Are Construction Unions Needed Today?????




I will admit Unions were required in the fifty and sixties to protect the little guy/gal from harm and ensure good working conditions.

All this has changed today as the “Ministry of Labour” is the new sheriff in town. Their responsibility is to ensure construction sites are safe and people working with the tools are treated fair.

Unions are now struggling to survive as  they are going the way of the Travel Agent and soon to be extinct Real Estate Agent. “things change”

Unions survive by the number of members in their nest / more people / more money. They are always on the hunt to enlist new members and lately have been reported knocking on doors of non union employees homes.

Union employees pay dues to pay the bosses and keep the lights on in their offices.

Again,  The Ministry of Labour ” are now the new law and are feared on construction sites. When an inspector arrives, onsite, they have everyone’s attention.

When a Union Rep comes onsite site- we all walk away!

Unions are powerful and have political influence and perhaps have outgrown the construction industry. They should gear their energy towards politics and influence people from a podium rather on a JobSite.

Successful  Companies  will always agree their company is only as good as the people they employ. By treating people fair will result in loyalty and no need for bully tactics.

Construction Unions are no longer required.