A Walk-Thru of 90 Waterford Crescent – Stoney Creek

Presenting 90 Waterford Crescent – Stoney Creek – A Fly over

“No One Should Be Forgotten”

Local 793 breaks ground on fallen worker memorial
Local 793 of the International Union of Operating Engineers is building a memorial garden and pavilion at its head office in Oakville to honour members who have been killed in construction site accidents or as a result of an occupational illness.
More than 150 dignitaries, union staff, business representatives and officers, safety officials, building trades representatives, construction employers, and family members of four operators who have died under such circumstances, attended a groundbreaking June 9 at the site.
Local 793 business manager Mike Gallagher spoke about the significance of the memorial and also the importance of industry partners and government health and safety agencies working together to make construction sites safer.
He noted that 225 workers were killed in construction site accidents in Ontario between 2003 and 2013, and that in 2013 alone 17 construction workers were killed.
The garden and pavilion were designed by Hamilton-area artist Patrick Bermingham. The pavilion will have three outer arches and two inner arches, creating a quiet place for reflection.
Names of deceased members will be engraved on the arches. The structure should be completed by September.
Dufferin Construction is contributing $40,000 to help with the costs of building the foundation for the pavilion, while Bermingham Construction is donating $25,000 and the Crane Rental Association of Ontario is providing $10,000 for construction costs.

The Drones Are Coming: Be Afraid/ Be Very Afraid !!!!

A Great Day To Fly

I am looking into streaming construction progress “Live” Fastening a go pro camera to my hard hat and with the live stream box I am able to walk- thru a construction project and show live action. The project team will be able to sit in and watch – stay tuned.



Flyover of Milton 5 Catholic Elementary School “Full Version”

Flyover Milton 5 CES – Full Version from Larry Arbuckle on Vimeo.

“Go Pro” and “The Blade 350 QX” quad copter have teamed up to
provide Aerial pics and video (1080). Now I can fly and record video over a construction site. Add iMovie, throw in some music and the project team can see what is going on. Stay tuned for some interesting video. Hope to have a video soon.


I recorded this video to show the project team the amt of dirt left behind during excavation. The dirt is to be removed as per contract. I added text using Final Cut Pro to explain the video. Seeing the piles of dirt / from the air/ to be removed/ told the real story.

Milton 5 Mud-HD 720p from Larry Arbuckle on Vimeo.

I flew over a school where we are building an addition. I added some music, sounds a little “quirky”. Anyway, the kids liked it! I crashed in the end behind an excavator.Ouch!

Guardian Angels- Flyover from Larry Arbuckle on Vimeo.

Below is a video created to help my neighbour sell his house. Flying above the house creates a whole new look.




In the good old days ( 5 years ago) you would drop by a construction site and take/ pictures/videos/ showing progress. The next day you would go back to your office and upload pics and video to the company desktop.”Cumbersome”

Then comes Steve Jobs. With my iPad I drop by a site and take pictures and videos showing progress. Then walk back to my vehicle and go to “Hot Spots” on my iPhone   5 and with WiFi, upload the pictures and video to the project blog page created in WordPress. And yes all done in real-time. Under this format, and within driving range, I can report on 3-4 projects per day.

Recorded videos and pictures are circulated to everyone on the project team/ result /we are all on the same page. I have discovered under this process it can shorten the construction schedule as much as 20% plus, and also leave everyone with a history of what happened. Great conversation for back charges seeing who was wrong. Very useful!
Also, I discovered Search Engines (SEO) love blogs and the more you write and create articles puts you on the first page of a web search. As you report on construction progress people will follow you and ” low and behold”  when  the doors open you already have clientele. How cool is that!

And the best thing about the above – It Costs Nothing, only your time.

WordPress is a great management tool to run a construction project and yes security pass codes can easily be applied to protect sensitive issues.

“Welcome To The New Office”

Go Pro Camera clipped on to your hard hat!

Very useful when visiting a construction site as it is hand-free and operates from your smart phone. Has amazing 1080 video that can be emailed to your project team. Watch the boys “scramble” as you walk down the hall. They think you’re from “The Department Of Immigration”. Turn your video into a movie  with “IMovie “


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5 thoughts on “Home

  1. I love it! I have been wanting to make a video of us working on site to put on our website, but we are always to busy to set up the camera once we start working. I will try wearing my contour camera on my helmet and see what I can capture.

    How does the footage come out? is it pretty shaky?

  2. Those GoPros are something else. I’m gonna have to get me one. I’m always shocked at how smooth they are. I have a friend who runs a high-end roofing business and used a GoPro to get shots of a roof he’d done. (Well, his son did the RC’ing.) It looked incredible- totally smooth and clean, totally professional. It looked a like a pro crane shot that could go anywhere. I got that impression again in the above video (except for the virtual reality Larry in the top video. That was definitely uncanny valley territory.)
    One suggestion- Dudley shoul;d be more prominently featured.

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